Friday, July 27, 2007

Exciting news

I have just received another shipment of American Crafts Albums. I have restocked the modern albums and have now got the full range of their 12 x 12 D ring Cloth albums. And they are gorgeous I must say...I dont know which are my favourites now.

I have all colours. I dont have a big supply of the new cloth ones so if you want one be very quick. I will be putting them on Ebay tomorrow.

Don't forget the page protectors too ....they come in packs of 10.

Modern albums 12 x 12 $25.00

8.5 x 11 $22

8 x 8 $19.00

Cloth D Ring 12 x 12 $30.00

Page Protectors 12 x 12 $9.00

8.5 x 11 $8.00

8 x 8 $ 7.00
email me at if you want anything.


fleurie said...

oh wow exciting....they look YUMMO!

Nik Just Nik said...

You have been tagged... Visit my blog for more details..

fleurie said...

UPDATE please