Monday, January 29, 2007

Last day of January

Tomorrow is the last day of January and all I can say is WOOHOO school
I am so looking forward to having a break with the two kids at school. I have been very on edge the last couple of weeks. I have had no patients whatsoever. I havent done alot of scrapping either which I think is half my problem. I have all these ideas and projects in my head and havent had a chance to do them. I get very frustrated when I cant scrap. Its like cooking to me I release all my stresses when I scrap and cook. I just relax into what I am doing.
So tomorrow Jayde starts school and then Thursday Trey starts. Trey goes for half days this week then full days with wednesday off for the rest of Febuary. Hes starting to get very excited now.
And shock horror
I am organised. Just got to iron on labels on all their clothes and hats and I am done.

How is everyone else coping ?


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fleurie said...

Yes you must get back into the scrapping..its definatley a 'sanity' tool
NOt too much stress HERE....but lauchie is only starting kinder after not too much prepare
Ive got to go to a kinder meeting tonight..make sure everything is ok...and then he has his orientation day on thu