Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Kids

We had parent/teacher interviews this arvo. Both Jayde and Trey have settled into school very well. I am so glad to hear that. I was a bit worried about how Trey was going to go. I knew Jayde would be ok she has always loved school. She is the big girl in the class too and she will be in her element being the
I had Trey home yesterday and gawd I cant wait till March starts when he starts going 5 days a week.
I have been a bit out of touch this week. I have had a couple of baby albums I was doing for a lady and well its taken ages so I got off my butt and have finished them ......woohoo. I was getting really sick of doing them. So now I will have some pocket money for the retreat I am going on early March. I am so looking forward to a weekend away in luxury too which is a bonus.


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fleurie said...

glad the two have settled into school..
WOO HOO on getting the albums completed...thats if fantastic

Have fun at the very jealous