Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Decisions Decisions

Well I did it and spent yesterday morning checking out Fernwood ladies gym and the local Curves. I didnt like Curves straight away, so that out. And Fernwood was very intimidating to me. I am not and have never been a gym junkie and all the rather large equipment is scary.
I wanted to sign up for the biggest loser challenge which is 12 weeks and can do that but when i do that I automatically sign up for 12 months.Its alot of money a week alot of scrapping supplies I tell u. But I need to do something just not sure if thats the way to go. Will I have the commitment for 12 months ....I dont know.
Oh the delemour of it all.
Anyone out there go to a gym regularly?

1 comment:

fleurie said... should do a trial at Curves...i thought it strange when i first walked in too...

but i LOVE it now...and it doesnt take up alot of time....